• 06/08/2019

The Forum for Intercultural Dialogue at CEOSS- Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services- organized a meeting entitled: "Towards an Effective Confrontation to Hate Speech – The Role of Education and Media Institutions" at CEOSS Headquarters. A group of Scientists, gentlemen of culture and opinion leaders of Egypt as well as religious leaders, academics, and media specialists, parliaments participated in Forum.
Also the Forum included the well-known writer Abdel Latif al-Manawi, Chief editor of Al Masry Al Youm newspaper, Dr. Said Al Masri, advisor to the Minister of Culture and Professor of Sociology.
The moderator was Hani Labib, Chief editor of Mabtada.
"The meeting aims at discussing the cultural dimensions of confronting the hate speech, which is one of the challenges facing our Egyptian society, which requires a concerted effort to achieve a vision," said Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt, and President of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services. Realistic to face it. "
Dr. Zaki stressed on "the vision of the forum is not only for analysis and discussion, but also to provide working papers for many of the competencies."
And Said al-Masri affirmed. "The hate speech needs a long-term confrontation together with education, because hatred is a feeling built through time," He considered that "there is a hate speech characterized by superiority, and the most difficult comes in the name of religion, which we find in the call for violence and spreading terror against others."
He suggested that religious texts be treated more freely in interpretation to counter extremism with a new religious thought and that there comes to be freedom, pluralism, tolerance and justice in religious discourse." "Aversion to disagreement and transcendence on others is hate speech."
For his part, stressed the media Abdellatif Menawi "that hate speech is a general situation, which some countries suffer in certain circumstances." He added, "I am a believer that journalism is a profession before it is a message, and the journalist is either professional or non-professional, and being away from professional leads to a case of a single discourse."
"The hate speech will not stop with the presence of Social Media, which deepens this speech," Manawi said. There is a real need for a parallel speech of confrontation to help the community stands against it and this can be done with concerted Media.