• 21/12/2019

The President of the Protestant Churches to the Catholic Patriarch in the occasion of Christmas: We believe in the love bond between us in great joy and appreciation.
Patriarch Ibrahim Ishaq, Patriarch of Coptic Catholics, received Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, the Head of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, and a delegation of the evangelical leaders on Saturday in occasion of Christmas greetings at the headquarters of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate.
"We believe that our message is joy and love, and it increases by meeting together as Egyptians and not just as symbols of Christian churches, it is a message of love and peace for the whole world, and our joy and appreciation for your joy is great," he said.
For his part, Patriarch Ibrahim welcomed the visit of the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt and his delegation, who attended in the occasion of Christmas Greetings, considering that "these events and visits confirm the depth of the bonds of unity and love between the Egyptian churches."