• 17/04/2020

The Presidency of Protestant Churches in Egypt will hold its official celebration on the occasion of the glorious Day of Resurrection, tomorrow, Saturday, April 18, from four to five in the evening, at the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis, Cleopatra, Salah El-Din Square, Heliopolis, Cairo.
Youssef Edward, the media coordinator of the celebration, said: "According to the directives of the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt, it was decided to limit the celebration of the glorious Resurrection to a very limited number of leaders of the community without congregation, in order to preserve lives. Together, the Lord will grant us salvation, until we passover with all our brothers in humanity through this crisis."
"The celebration program starts tomorrow, Saturday at 4 pm, with a set of songs for the" Better Life team, and then a prayer for Reverend Nadi Labib, the president of the Evangelical Presbyterian Synod of the Nile, then a speech for Reverend Youssef Samir, pastor of the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis, followed by a reading by Reverend Nasser Katkout. , Head of the Congregation of the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Egypt. then a musical paragraph with the maestro Nair Nagy.
At the end of the celebration, the speech of Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, entitled "The Resurrection is a Resurrection for Humanity"