• 18/05/2020

Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, presided over the farewell prayer of Dr. Pastor Saeed Ibrahim, head of the Faith Congregation and pastor of the Faith Church in Victoria Square. The farewell prayer was held at the Faith Church in Victoria.
The prayer was attended by Dr. Reverend Sameh Morris, pastor of the Evangelical Church of Kasr El- Dubara, Dr. Maher Samuel, Reverend Bushra Saad, Vice-President of the Congregation for Faith, Reverend Elisha Morris, pastor of the Faith Church in Mallawi, and a few pastors and ministers.
In Egypt, the Evangelical Community mourned in a statement issued on Sunday, with grief and sorrow to bid farewell Dr. Priest Saeed Ibrahim, head of the Congregation for Faith, and Pastor of the Church of Faith in Victoria Square.
On behalf of the General Evangelical Council members and the Heads of the Protestant Denominations in Egypt, the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt mourned Dr. Pastor Saeed Ibrahim, the faithful servant who adhered to the word of God. In his service, Dr. Ibrahim embodied the meanings of piety and faith. The faithful pastor and teacher formed generations of church leaders.
Pastor Said Ibrahim was born on August 20, 1942, at a district in Sohag Governorate, and graduated from the Faculty of Theology in 1962, held a law degree in Cairo University, and an honorary doctorate from an American university, founded over 60 churches, founded the Mountain of Prayer in Wadi al-Natrun in 2002, and founded the College of Theology in 1999.