• 13/06/2020

Today, Saturday, was the funeral of Mrs. Soufi Boutros, the mother-in-law of Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt. The funeral was held at the Evangelical Church of Heliopolis with the attendance of Dr. Andrea Zaki, and his wife, Professor Hala Touma, Director of the New Ramses College, and a minimal number of family members and pastors. Adherence to all necessary preventive procedures from Coronavirus took place.
The President of Protestant Churches will receive messages of condolence through electronic communication means.
The late is the wife of the late pastor Aziz Touma, the mother of both Professor Bashair Touma, engineer Fadil Touma, the accountant Shadi Touma, and the engineer Rafik Touma.
Last April, the General Evangelical Council and the Heads of other Evangelical Denominations in Egypt suspended all Protestant Churches’ activities in Egypt without exception. Also, it limited funerals to the family of the deceased only, in all Evangelical churches at the republic level, until the situation stabilizes.