• 20/07/2020

The Rev. Andrea Zaki, The President of Protestant Churches in Egypt, participated in the inauguration of Pastor Makan Zakaria as pastor of the Protestant Church in Shubra al-Khaimah, today, Monday. This event took place in the presence of the heads of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the Nile Evangelist Synod, and a number of religious and popular leaders in Shubra al-Khaimah, Sheikh Mustafa Abdel Hafeez, and Dr. Maryam Halim President of the Nahdet Masr for Human Development. All the precautionary measures which were approved by the medical committee for the Presidency of the Protestant Churches which are related to the reopening of churches were considered during the ceremony.
During the ceremony, The President of Protestant Churches congratulated Reverend Makan Zakaria, his family, and the people of the church, for his inauguration as pastor of the Protestant Church in Shubra al-Khaimah.
Also, the following participated in the ceremony program: Pastor Nadi Labib, president of the Nile Evangelical Synod, Reverend Sameh Lotfi, Head of the Spiritual Committee of Cairo Evangelical Congregation, Reverend Sameh Philip, Vice President of the Cairo Council, Reverend John Sami, Chairman of the Shubra El Khaima Church Council, and Reverend Youssef Adel, pastor of the protestant church in Shubr al-Balad, Pastor Nasrallah Zakaria, the Executive Director of the Media Council, Reverend Fawzi Farajallah, the pastor of the Protestant Church in Rawd al-Faraj, Reverend Hani Musa, the pastor of the Protestant Church in Azbakeya, and Elder Issam Wassef, the President of the Synod