• 27/07/2020

The Medical Advisory Committee of the Presidency of Protestant Churches had a meeting headed by Dr. Freddy Al-Bayadi and the memberships of:
Dr. Yasser Farah
Dr. Nader Kallini
Dr. Emad Mohareb
Dr. Caroline Shafiq

Important recommendations and necessary measures ruling any gathering within the churches:
The necessity of applying the principle of one and a half meters of physical spacing between individuals from all directions (it is possible to deal with the same family members who live together in the same housing unit as one individual - that is, they are allowed to sit close together).
Commitment to wearing a mask all the time in the place.
Fans and air conditions should not be operated in closed spaces. If they are necessary, the doors and windows must be opened to renew the hall's air. It is best to use open areas or places with as good ventilation as possible as each church's capabilities.
Meetings should be without collective praise and prayer time (as this is impossible with the masks). Times of praise can be limited to the leader of praise and a small number of singers and music players on the stage (the number with which a safe distance can be applied) without the people participating in the praise or prayers or written readings.
Concerning dealing with the microphone, it is preferred that the speaker (preacher) use the microphone that is fixed in one's clothes so that no more than one person uses the same microphone or to provide a mike for each person. In that case, the same mike is never exchanged and should be sterilized before and after the end of each meeting.
Musical and vocal instruments should be sterilized before and after the meeting.
The offering box should not be passed on to the attendees, but it must be placed at the exit door so that the gifts are presented during the attendees' exit.
If there is more than one meeting on the same day, there should be sufficient time between the meetings to allow carrying out sterilization procedures, clear the church from carpets, as it is difficult to disinfect regularly.
Put a rug soaked in chlorine in the entrance to the church.
The building and the church are permanently sterilized before and after each gathering.
The duration of any meeting should not exceed an hour, and it is not allowed to be present except at the time scheduled for the start of the meeting and must leave immediately after the end of the meeting. No gatherings are allowed in the church except in this context.
No fellowship meetings are allowed.
Elders or children under 12 years old are not allowed to be present in church at this stage.
It is preferable to return meetings gradually so that we start with one meeting for a specific category in the first week, then add another meeting for another group in the following week, and so on gradually until all procedures are properly applied, and any development of the situation can be followed up (with an emphasis on not shaking hands and no fellowship time.)
Requirements for protection (masks, surface and hand sanitizers, and soap) must be provided. It is preferable to have a remote thermometer.
It is forbidden to allow anyone suffering from any symptoms (high temperature, coughing, difficulty in breathing) and all those who contact him to get in the church.
It is strictly forbidden to use books in the church. And they are replaced by mobile phones or display devices (screens or projectors). In case it is necessary to use books in apprenticeship groups or Bible study, everyone must bring his personal book.
The same meeting procedures apply for weddings and funerals (50% attendance, physical and social distancing, wearing masks, ...)
As for the funeral prayer, if the cause of death is a corona infection, it is preferable that the prayer be in an open place such as the churchyard or the cemetery courtyard.
It is preferable to record the attendees' data at every meeting whenever possible to facilitate the tracing of infection in case any infections appear.
If any infection cases appear in any church, the synod to which the church belongs must be informed, and the church must be closed for a period of two weeks, with all necessary measures taken to sterilize the place completely. It is also necessary to communicate with all those who were present at the meeting attended by the infected person to take all preventive measures and personal isolation.
The church appoints a person or a committee to follow up all safety procedures, whether related to its meetings and its members, or the funeral and wedding service, and with individuals and families of all denominations requesting the use of the building / church.
Any development in the situation should be followed up successively as well as to the updated procedures and recommendations whenever needed and according to developments in the situation.