• 04/09/2020

Yesterday, Thursday, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki participated in ordaining new elders for the Protestant Church in Ismailia Governorate. He also participated in the inauguration of Pastor Mourad Adel as pastor of the Protestant Church in Al-Qanatir Al-Khayriya, on Friday.
This comes within the framework of the pastoral tour of the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, after the return of the communal worship last week to all Protestant churches in Egypt, in a number of governorates, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Minya.
The President of Protestant Churches presented the speech of the two celebrations, congratulating the people of the church and the new elders of the Protestant Church in Ismailia, and Pastor Mourad Adel in Al-Qanatir Al-Khayriya, in the presence of Pastor Nadi Labib, president of the Evangelical Synod of the Nile Presbyterian Church, Pastor Emil Anwar, head of the Delta Presbyterian Council, Pastor Najeh Fawzi, head of the Cairo Presbyterian Council, and Pastor Ayman Sami pastor of the Protestant Church in Ismailia, Reverend Mourad Adel, pastor of the Protestant Church in Al-Qanater Al-Khayriya, Professor Mumtaz Beshay, Vice President of the Coptic Evangelical Organization and a number of members of the House of Representatives and Synod, religious leaders representing Al-Azhar, endowments and Egyptian churches, and a number of leaders and popular figures in Ismailia and Al-Qanater Al-Khayriya.