• 04/02/2021

The Egyptian model of coexistence should be emulated, with its opportunities and challenges.
The Egyptian state creates a new present that realizes the state of citizenship.
The relationship between the Muslim and Christian leaderships is in deep love and respect that goes beyond protocol meetings
Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, the President of Protestant Churches in Egypt said, "President Sisi is pioneering to support coexistence, freedom of worship and community peace, and he is one of the few political leaders who believe in realizing the values of coexistence and citizenship on the ground."
He added during his intervention today with Extra News Channel, commenting on the President’s statements on the occasion of the anniversary of the International Day of Human Fraternity, “Egypt has a unique political leadership and religious leaders that seek to make coexistence a reality, and that the Egyptian model will be a model to study, with its opportunities and challenges, and that we are facing real change on the ground, therefore, the president's statement that religious institutions work to promote human fraternity is a very important statement. He continued, "The Egyptian state is creating a new present that forms a bright future, by creating a new awareness among citizens to convert to a state of citizenship, and this can be monitored from steps represented in some measures such as building a church and a mosque in the New capital and in various new urban communities." The practice on the ground started from concepts based on coexistence.
He pointed out, "What unites us as Christian and Islamic leaders is a relationship of intense love and respect that goes beyond protocol meetings. We are also united by an intellectual orientation that is consistent with the general vision of the constitution and the Egyptian state, and we are firmly convinced that peace is a gift from God and is achieved through the steps of the state and the role of citizens."
At the end of the dialogue, he emphasized that “in the era of social communication, open spaces have an existence, and ideas have spread calling for hate speech, rejection of others and incitement to violence, and therefore we are with moderation, and the word moderation is a key word to deal with extremist ideas, and therefore extremist ideas must be confronted with moderate ideas based on having a deep understanding of the sacred texts and an understanding of reality, and to connect them. " He pointed out that "this document and other documents, the orientations of the Egyptian state as well, and the role of religious leaders are all factors that push towards moderation."