• 08/04/2021

When I and my family were infected with the Coronavirus, I had three main experiences:
The first experience is the deep sense of the unknown: every time I went to sleep, I had no idea what would happen the next morning.
The second experience is uprooting from the roots: I found myself far from my work and service, so I could not be present in all areas of work, whether in the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, or Presidency fo Protestant Churches.
The third experience is isolation: During the period of home isolation, you feel that everyone is moving away from you, because you become a source of infection.
Everyone who wanted to see you or sit with you avoids meetings.
Perhaps we need times in life of experiences that leads us to remember who a person really is. Where do we put our true hope in?! and what is the true meaning and purpose of life? Is it in our power, influence, money, or relationships?
All these things are fragile, and they can easily and quickly disappear. Man is much weaker than that.
My reflection for today: Is to give everything we have to Christ, because in Him alone there is true hope, true fulfillment, and true comfort.
Taken from the article "Birth and Meaning of Life" by Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki,
The second issue of Al-Nisour (Eagles Magazine)