• 19/04/2021

The Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, said that the Egyptian churches, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, have approached the completion of the Personal Status Law for non-Muslims. He pointed out that about 95% of the articles are compatible with all Christian denominations and that only some controversial articles have not yet been agreed upon.
In an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, Zaki added that divorce and second marriage issues are among the most contentious articles among the Christian denominations in Egypt. He explained that the orientation would be by stipulating the position of each church on this issue in the new law according to particular articles. It is expected to present it to the parliament in its current round.
Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki pointed out that the number of the denomination's followers in Egypt exceeds 2 million protestant Christian, indicating that there are about 18 denominations and 1500 local churches in Egypt. Zaki values the Church Building Law, considering it represents a qualitative leap in freedom of worship, citizenship, and equality.