• 22/05/2021

1. What types are available in Egypt? And which one is better?
In Egypt now, there are two types, the Chinese Vaccine (Sinopharma) and the English Vaccine (AstraZeneca); there is no one better than the other; each one has advantages and disadvantages.
2. Can the virus be transmitted to me from the vaccination?
No, that is not possible.
3. Is it possible for someone to get infected by the virus after vaccination?
Of course, it is possible. And this is because of one of three things:
1- The infection started before vaccination.
2- Another person infected him shortly after vaccination before he acquired immunity.
3- The person may get infected after he has gained immunity. Vaccination does not give 100% immunity. It does not prevent being infected, but the main benefit is that if an infection occurs, it does not lead to death or its symptoms become simpler.
4. After how long the vaccine's protection becomes effective? And for how long it lasts?
The targeted protection begins 15 days after the second dose, and the duration of protection is not yet known because the vaccine is still new, but until today we think it is effective for about 6 months. After this period, there are a few cells remain for a much more extended period. It is said that it remains for years and also helps in increasing immunity.
5. After taking the Vaccine, will I still need a mask or follow the preventive measures?
It is necessary to adhere to all precautionary measures because, as we said, the vaccine does not prevent infection.
6. Who are the most important groups who are supposed to take the vaccine? In light of the increasing numbers currently, everyone is supposed to take it, but the priority is for the medical staff and those with chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and the elderly.
7. I was infected by a coronavirus; should I take the vaccine? And when?
8- I caught a cold; should I take the vaccine?
It is forbidden to take the vaccine while you have a cold. First, you have to be sure that this is not coronavirus and that there are no symptoms at all.
9. How many doses should I take?
The Chinese vaccinations will be in two doses, 3 to 4 weeks in between and 3 months in the AstraZeneca.
10. Does the AstraZeneca vaccine cause blood stokes?
In England, they found that for every million people vaccinated, only about 4 people had strokes, which is a very weak percentage compared to the rate of people who get strokes because of corona virus.
Should we take it or not?
Yes, we take it because we are talking about 4 cases per million, and not all 4 cases died! Also, England is now using the Vaccine, and they didn't stop.
11. What are the symptoms that may happen to me after I take the vaccine?
It is possible to have a rise in temperature, bone aching, and feeling tired. All these are familiar symptoms of any vaccine that you should not worry about it. Take two tablets/8 hours of Paracetamol until the symptoms disappear.
12. Do pregnant women take the Vaccine?
13. Do breastfeeding women take the vaccine?
No, there are not enough studies until now.
14. Do people with immune diseases take the vaccine?
The safest vaccine for people with immune diseases is Sinopharm.
15. How can I take the vaccine and where?
Register with your data on the Ministry of Health website and choose the closest area to you, and they will send you a message after a while in the place and time.
The link to the registration site is https://egcovac.mohp.gov.eg/#/home
16. I registered a long time ago, and I have received no messages regarding the time; what should I do? Go to the website again, reactivate the request, or call the service number 15335 and they will help you.

The Committee warns as the numbers of the infected, the severity of the infection, occupancy rates in hospitals, and death rates are increasing dramatically. We plea you to prevent any gatherings in the coming period and adhere to: “the mask, social distancing, and the vaccine.” We pray to God to protect the people of Egypt and the world from the epidemic, heal the infected, and comfort the bereaved.