• 11/06/2021

The President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, and a high-ranking delegation of the evangelical leaders, congratulated Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of Alexandria for the Anglican Episcopal Church, for his inauguration as the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt.
This was during the visit of the President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, today, Friday, to the new Bishop at the Cathedral of All Saints in Zamalek.
Also, Dr. George Shaker, Vice President of the Protestant Churches, participated in this event with Rev. Refat Fathy General Secretary for Synod of the Nile, and Rev. Dr. Stephanos Zaki, General Secretary of the General Evangelical Council, Dr. Sameh Morris, pastor of the Protestant Church in Qasr Al-Dobara, Dr. Pastor Youssef Samir, pastor of the Protestant Church in Heliopolis, Dr. Maher Samuel, Consultant Psychiatrist, Elder Essam Wassef, President of the Senate Affairs of the Nile Evangelical Synod, Counselor Youssef Talaat, Legal Adviser to the Presidency of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, and Mr. Youssef Edward, Media Manager at the Coptic Evangelical Organization.
The Episcopal Church was represented in this meeting by Archdeacon Imad Basilios, head of the Council of Priests, Dean Hani Shenouda, supervisor of the churches of the Suez Canal region, Dean David Aziz, responsible for the churches of Alexandria, Rev. Joshua Yacoub, Associate Dean of All Saints Cathedral, and Professor Fouad Rushdy, Legal Adviser to the Alexandria Region.
During the visit, Dr. Andrea Zaki stressed on his "deep love, respect and appreciation for all Egyptian leaders and churches.
The visit comes to emphasize the transparency of cooperation, appreciation and love for the Episcopal Church, as members of the body of Christ, in serving the church and the country."
From his part, Bishop Sami Fawzy welcomed the President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the delegation of the Evangelical leaders, who are always keen to present through their congratulations on all occasions.
Bishop Sami added: "We value the message of reassurance today from the Presidency of the Protestant Churches headed by Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki. We feel the true love and we thank God for this special relationship."