• 05/03/2022

The President of the Protestant Churches says: "The Church mission is to realize the challenges of reality and people's pain"
Yesterday, Friday, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, the President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt, participated in the ceremony of ordination of new elders and deacons of the Evangelical Church in El-Kolaly, in the presence of Rev. Kamal Rushdi, President of " Synod of the Nile", Rev. Refaat Fathy, Secretary General of "Synod of the Nile", and Rev. Dr. Samuel Zaki, Deputy President of : “Synod of the Nile, Rev. Refaat Fikry, President of the Cairo Evangelical Synod Assembly, Sheikh Victor Fikry, Rev. Suleiman Sadiq, Rev. Emile Zaki, honorary pastor of the church, Rev. Dr. Rev. Maged Karam, pastor of the church, Elder Dr. Freddy El-Bayadi, member of Parliament, and Dr. Nada Thabet, member of Parliament The elders, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Shalaby, representing Al-Azhar, the Reverend Gerges Farag, Coptic Catholic Pastor of St. George’s Church Al-Kolaly, and Pastor Bishoy Fawzy, the representative of the Coptic Catholic Diocese.
Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, in his speech during the celebration, said: “I congratulate the ordained elders and deacons, and I congratulate the Church on the 125th anniversary of its founding,” adding that “Christ, in his service on earth, dealt with people with love, being aware of their challenges and pain, he used to perform miracles to provide their needs.” Following the model of Christ, the Church mission requires to be aware of the challenges of reality and people’s pain, and learn how and when to deal with these challenges.”
The celebration was also attended by representatives of “the Future of the Homeland Party” in Al-Kolaly as well as a number of popular and religious leaders.