• 12/03/2022

The President of the Protestant churches participates in the conclusion of the conference “Supporting Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies” for businessmen from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
The President of the Protestant churches at the Conference to Support Entrepreneurship says: “Investing is not just an economic act but a process linked to the cultural, social and political development of society”.
The President of the Protestant churches in Egypt, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, participated in the Egyptian Global Meeting for Businessmen, today, Saturday, at the headquarters of TC Egypt Foundation headed by Rev. Tony George, with the participation of businessmen from 12 countries, along with a number of Egyptian businessmen, to support entrepreneurship in emerging economies.
The President of the Protestant churches said at the opening of the meeting: "I welcome all of you to this meeting, in which we exchange visions and ideas on investment and entrepreneurship opportunities in emerging countries. I thank you all for your participation, and I also thank TC ministry for the honorable exerted efforts in organizing this meeting".
Rev. Dr. Zaki added: "We are witnessing in this period a new industry of the economic reality in Egypt, with deliberate, organized and ambitious decisions that seek to open horizons in various fields of investment, for a better life for all Egyptians and a pioneering role of the Egyptian state in encouraging the neighborhood countries in the field of investment".
At the end of his speech, the President of the Protestant churches thanked all the participants encouraging them to invest in Egypt and the countries of Africa, and said: "We can all see the impact of the investment role in promoting coexistence, encouraging moderation, confronting the forces of extremism, and contributing to the creation of secure societies, thus strengthening international peace. Investment is not just an economic act, but a process linked to the cultural, social and political development of society. We pray that God bless these steps and protect Egypt’s leadership and people.
On his part, Reverend Tony George, the founder of “tC” ministry in Egypt and the Middle East affiliated with the Evangelical fellowship, said: “The aim of the conference is to discuss and form global partnerships between businessmen around the world, to support emerging economies, attract foreign investments, and support entrepreneurship.”
It is worth noting that the countries participating in the conference are: England, the United States of America, Ireland, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan, Uganda, Mexico, Congo, Mongolia and South Africa.