• 28/04/2022

The President of the Protestant Churches from Giza Protestant Church:
"In our lives with God, we need creativity and change to cross into a new land."

Reverend Andrea Zaki, the President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, participated today, Thursday, in the celebration of the inauguration of Rev. Amgad Adel as a Co-Pastor of the Protestant Church in Giza, in the presence of Rev. Kamal Rushdi, Head of the Synod of the Nile, Rev. Rifaat Fathy, Secretary-General of the Synod of the Nile, and Rev. Refaat Fikry, Head of Cairo Churches, Bashir Anwar, Pastor of the Giza Church, Reverend Stephanos Zaki, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Protestant Churches, Reverend Samuel Zaki, Vice President of the Synod of the Nile, Reverend Mohsen Naim, Head of the Council of Priests Affairs, Reverend Lotfi, Head of the Pastoral and Evangelistic Committee, and Elder Essam Wassef, Head of the Senate Council in the Synod of the Nile.
The President of the Protestant Churches' Speech: "I congratulate Reverend Amjad on his inauguration as Co-Pastor of the Giza Protestant Church, and I also congratulate Reverend Bashir Anwar, the Church's pastor, and all members of the Church."
The President of the Protestant churches added: "In our life, with God, we need creativity, change, and crossing over to a new land. Consequently, we need freedom and learning from the past, and this doesn’t mean to be detrimental to the past. Learning from the past is important, but becoming in the past's prison impedes progress. This points out the importance of the positive forgetting of the past, for the one governed by the ceiling of the past has a limited future."