• 18/06/2022

Restoration of our souls to God's way comes through meekness and inclusion, not intimidation and judgment.
Today, Saturday, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt, participated in Pastor Ibrahim Najeh Marzouk's inauguration ceremony as pastor of the Protestant Church in Mayana, El-Minia Governorate.
Reverend Kamal Rushdi, Head of the Synod of the Nile, and Pastor Khalil Ibrahim, Head of the Presbyterian Central Regions Synod, also participated in the celebration program. Reverend Youssef Atallah, Head of the Evangelical Presbyterian Assembly in Sohag, Dr. Zain Al-Atnawi, Senator, Dr. Suhair Adib, Senator, Sheikh Omar Abdullah, Director of Maghagha Endowments, and Mr. Ali Imbabi, Mayor of Mayana Village, Ms. Nashwa Sarhan, Mayor of Hamida village, and Mr. Shalqami Muhammad, deputy mayor of Mayana village.
During the ceremony speech, the President of the Protestant Churches said, "We are very proud of the participation of our brothers and loved ones in today's celebration. I feel happy and joyful in my participation with our people in the inauguration celebration of Pastor Ibrahim Najeh as pastor of the Church of Mayana. I extend my sincere congratulations to all the people of the church and all the people of Mayana. We always pray for the prosperity of our dear country Egypt, and the unity of its great people.
The President of the Protestant Churches added: "The service of restoration, my beloved, is to return souls in the spirit of meekness and inclusion to the way of God, and not by intimidation and judgment, because judgment, my brothers, destroys the soul, while restoration brings us back to the path of truth through the guidance and love that we all need."
Also, Reverend Samuel Adel, Head of the Council for Pastoral and Evangelistic Work, Rev. Bioh Azar, Pastor of Nazlet Herz Protestant Church, Rev. Mahrous Ayed, Pastor of Sharona Island Protestant Church, Reverend Najah Karim, Pastor of the Beba Evangelical Church, and Rev. Wael Ramses, Pastor of the Protestant Church in Kom Al-Akhdar, Reverend Magdy Basili, Pastor of El-Atef Protestant Church, and Elder Essam Wassef, Head of the Senate Affairs of the Synod of the Nile participated in the ceremony program.